Saatchi Puts Toyota in a World of Its Own

NEW YORK In order to show the world of a Toyota Motorsports engineer where “what is light must be strong and what is strong must be light,” according to a voiceover, Saatchi & Saatchi created a futuristic office building where a paper plane can burst through walls.

Chelsea Pictures’ Ago Panini directed the 30-second television commercial for the Torrance, Calif., agency.

Panini shot the spot in his native Italy, where a warehouse-like studio in Rome was transformed by creatives including art director Dino Spadavecchia into a brightly decorated office building. In the ad, a Toyota engineer turns architectural plans into a paper plane, which then flies through the building filled with swirling, futuristic paintings and bulbous lights before crashing through a wall. The engineer looks on in wonder.

“In my world, what is unbreakable is unbeatable,” a voiceover states.

Shooting a metal ball through the objects, using air compression, created the water cooler and wall explosions in the spot. The paper plane was added later digitally, by editing company Radium in Los Angeles.

The toughest challenge was not the special effects, according to Panini, but shooting in the right light. “We used almost 90 percent natural light,” he said. “We were looking for something really simple, like light in an Edward Hopper painting—lazy afternoon light—so we just had to wait.”

The spot ends with the copy, “Welcome to our world,” and continues the tagline, “Get the feeling.”

Saatchi creatives on the spot included executive creative director Steve Rabosky, creative directors Greg Braun and Max Godsil, and copywriter Steve Austin.

The spot broke last week on network and cable stations.