Ryan Reynolds Shares the Mystical Secrets of How His Aviation Gin Is Made

It's a serene, methodical and questionably believable process

Reynolds continues his savvy, self-deprecating marketing for the gin brand he bought into early this year. Aviation Gin
Headshot of David Griner

How is Aviation Gin made? Probably not the way Ryan Reynolds tells it, but it’s still worth taking the time to watch his new explainer on the spiritually cleansing process behind the spirits brand he bought an ownership stake in early this year.

In a new clip, Reynolds continues to leverage his combination of star power and self-deprecating wit to elevate Aviation’s brand awareness. This time we get to meet the impressively bearded Aviation ground crew, who apparently spend quite a bit of time meditating and apologizing to juniper berries (before smashing them mercilessly).

It’s not the most efficient process, but clearly it’s what works for them.

And, as any fan of Reynolds’ work with Aviation would expect, he’s got a new out-of-office email to go along with the new video. Since the Hollywood star obviously doesn’t work on site, he’s always got a bounceback email waiting for anyone who hits up ryan@aviationgin.com.

Here’s the new out-of-office going live today:

Thank you for your email. I’m currently on a spiritual retreat with the distillers of Aviation Gin. I’m so honored to sit in a truth-circle with this incredibly bearded group of people. Here at Aviation, I’m constantly striving to improve company culture. We don’t believe in words like, “CEO” or “Boss”. Henceforth, my colleagues will affectionately refer to me as Commander, Captain, or Commandant.

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