River Of Dreams

At first, the writing appears to be in Sanskrit. But look again–the English words “inner peace” actually are showcased in the first print ad by Oasis for the Government of India Tourist Office.

The execution, which broke last week for the New York-based client, shows a peaceful scene of a man paddling his flower-filled boat down a river. The copy reads, “One billion people. One thousand languages. And a surprising number of places to seek inner peace.”

The work bears the tagline, “Eternally yours.”

The ad is supposed to appear “exotic but not foreign,” said Paul Bernasconi, creative director and partner at the New York shop. He added that the work seeks “to make India look like something you can’t get here,” while touting it as a country with a personal effect on people.

Oasis won the office’s complete range of ad duties in January; these now include print and interactive (it previously just did TV for the client). The shop will now handle all work for the U.S. and Canada.

The ad broke in the U.S. and Canada in publications such as American Express Dreamscapes and En Route.