The Rising Star in Eco-Shopping

However slow they may be in other respects to become eco-aware shoppers, Americans have caught on to the Energy Star label. Polling fielded in July for EcoAlign found a mere 6 percent of respondents saying they don’t know what the label means. And its presence is a big deal to many when they buy appliances and the like.

Asked how important this designation is to them when they shop for appliances and other household items, 31 percent of respondents said “extremely” and another 37 percent said “very.” Twenty-two percent said “somewhat.” Just a handful said “not very” (3 percent) or “not at all” (2 percent).

The same survey asked whether respondents would be interested in home energy audits that can be conducted online. Those age 55-plus were more apt than those 18-34 to voice interest in this (54 percent vs. 44 percent). This is in sync with other polls indicating older folks are the real sweet spot in the green market.