Reviewing the Options

Winkler Explains Trading on Mr.
LOS ANGELES–Six months after winning the account, Winkler Advertising has launched a yearlong national print campaign for Mr., an online brokerage firm specializing in option trading.
The $7.5 million account marks the first time the 7-year-old Bay Area company is using an ad agency.
While not as infamous as day trading of stocks, option trading is actually “more complicated … more volatile … and riskier,” said Alan Suslow, CEO of Mr. Stock. “It isn’t for the timid. You want your broker to know what he’s doing.”
Options are contractual agreements that give investors the right to buy or sell a stock at a fixed price for a specific period of time.
Suslow said the target audience is “a very niche arena of savvy options traders.” He declined to discuss how many new customers he hopes to attract, or why the company chose the San Francisco agency.
Each of five ads attempts to clarify the complexities of options trading in a subtle and humorous manner.
To poke fun at the roller-coaster nature of some stocks, for example, one ad features a black-and-white chart with a subhead: “It’s an options volatility chart from our Web site. Occasionally, it resembles an EKG.”
Winkler spent last fall researching the brand and assisting the client at trade shows and with other strategies, including a logo redesign, said Andrew Hyett, Winkler vice president and managing partner.