Reorganization Coming at Burrell

A new management structure is in the works for Burrell Communications following the retirement of the shop’s president and chief operating officer.

Sarah Burroughs, 56, stepped down and returned to her Tennessee home late last month after 26 years with the agency, which she joined as vice president of marketing services.

Her position may not be filled under a reorganization plan being put together by the agency’s founder, Tom Burrell. The agency last week declined to discuss what form the new management structure will take or if outside executives will be brought in.

The top positions under Burrell in the agency’s current structure are held by executive vice presidents Alma Hopkins, Fay Ferguson, McGhee Williams, and Mike Faems.

Faems joined the agency last month, teaming with Hopkins as an executive creative director. His arrival after a long career at Young & Rubicam was a signal of the shop’s intention to grow beyond its traditional African American target work.

Ferguson is in account management while Williams is general manager of Burrell’s office in Atlanta.

Burroughs developed Burrell’s research services department and was general manager of the agency’s Atlanta office in the early 1990s.