On the Red, White and Fuse Campaign Trail

NEW YORK Fuse music network spoofs the presidential race in a new print, outdoor and cable campaign by Amalgamated, offering up its own candidate, Haymish Fuse, who runs on a variety of nonsensical platform issues.

Seven print executions by the New York shop show Fuse, a nerdy and cross-eyed man, against a red, white and blue background. All ads proclaim, “Vote for Hamish Fuse,” along with copy outlining his political philosophy. “Empty promise #41: I put the ‘I’ in TEAIM,” one reads. “Convoluted issue #43: Boy bands still pose a threat to our society,” states another. The tagline: “Fuse, a music television network you can trust.”

Ads began running yesterday in alternative weeklies, ad trade magazines and on cable. The work is also being distributed in New York as wild postings, on phone kiosks, bus shelters and subway ads. The actor that plays Hamish will begin canvassing New York today, speaking about his platform as if he were a real politician.

“We wanted to come into a new year of advertising with something that has that same look, feel and sensibility of irreverence of our network,” said Mary Corigliano, Fuse director of marketing. “We wanted a campaign with a fun, playful attitude.”

“Fuse should be able to comment in their tone and manner on things that are part of the national dialogue,” added agency principal Charles Rosen. “It’s not just that Fuse is making fun of or treating lightly the political process; this is our way of getting [18-24 year olds] to engage in the process.”

In addition to Rosen, Amalgamated creative director Jason Gaboriau, art director Tommy Noonan, copywriter Laura Potsic and designer Winnie Tsang worked on campaign. Fuse creative director is David Carson.

Outdoor will appear for a month and a half; print is scheduled to run longer. Previous Fuse ads, which ran during the fourth quarter last year, featured former televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.