Rapper Rick Ross Backs 1800 Tequila

1800 Tequila is selling its spirits with a hip hop chaser. The tequila brand and its parent company Proximo Spirits, have announced a partnership with rapper and record label founder Rick Ross. The artist and his crew, the Triple C’s, will promote 1800 Tequila’s Select Silver, which it publicizes as the first and only 100 proof clear tequila available. 

Ross and the Triple C’s will serve as brand ambassadors for the drink by publicly endorsing Select Silver. Ross, who recently released his third album, Deeper than Rap, on Def Jam Records, first gained national attention with his 2006 album Port of Miami and its hit single “Hustlin’.”

Associated with the party-friendly sounds of the Miami rap scene, Ross is a fitting partner for the tequila, said Elwyn Gladstone, head of marketing for the New York-based Proximo Spirits. “Rick Ross and Triple C’s were an obvious choice for us. 1800 Select Silver is a serious tequila for the serious tequila drinker.” Named after the year it was created, 1800 Tequila is a100 percent blue agave tequila.

Select Silver was launched in April 2008. However, said Gladstone, “it’s making a huge splash in the tequila market right now, just as Rick Ross is shaking up the music industry.”

Source: Nielsen Business Media