Rainier Rebrands Cetia as Thales Computers

Rainier has unveiled a print campaign for Thales Computers designed to rebrand the company, previously known as Cetia.

Thales markets “ruggedized” computers designed for industrial and military applications. “A lot of off-the-shelf products are not good enough for military use,” said Stephen Schuster, chairman of Rainier in Princeton, Mass. Thales systems are designed to be able to withstand conditions such as the vibrations inside a helicopter and extreme temperatures.

In one print ad, silhouettes of a helicopter and a pilot are shown. Copy reads: “No matter what type of mission-critical system you’re designing, you can be sure of one thing: It will need to operate in the most extreme conditions. Not just today, but for years down the road.”

The campaign tagline is, “Where COTS meets reality.” COTS stands for “Commercial off the shelf.” The budget was not disclosed.

The ads target engineers who build computer systems for harsh environments. “The [campaign] shows that Thales understands the realities and challenges of building those systems using off-the-shelf components,” said Schuster. “[We also added a] human element. The pilot’s life is depending on the robustness of the system.”

The image effort, which includes direct mail, banner ads and a Web site redesign, is the first since the name change. The campaign is part of an overall change in identity by France-based parent company Thales Group (formerly Thomson-CSF).

Print work will appear in publications such as COTS Journal, Military & Aerospace Electronics, Micro Technology and VMEbus Systems. A product-focused print execution is due in September.

Rainier has handled advertising and public relations for Thales in the U.S. for more than five years.