Raindrops Fill the World With More Color in Charming Super Bowl Spot for Pepsi’s LifeWTR

The ad features a song by John Legend

Pepsi is pushing its water brand, LifeWTR, during the Super Bowl.

Pepsi is using the Super Bowl to introduce its new premium water brand, LifeWTR, to consumers with a colorful 30-second spot where raindrops add vibrant colors to everything they touch—cars, umbrellas, sidewalks.

The company has released an extended 60-second cut of the brand’s first ad, “Inspiration Drops,” which was directed by two-time Academy Award winner Robert Stromberg and contains a version of John Legend’s new single, “Love Me Now,” which has been tweaked to reflect the ad’s narrative.

LifeWTR will be on shelves around the country in February. Packaging for LifeWTR, namely its label, will change throughout the year and the ad’s visuals are meant to reflect that.