Quiz: Which Marketing or Media Job Is Right for You?

Find out where your talents fit best

Whether you're just preparing to enter the working world or you're rethinking your career path, you might need some ideas on where to focus your efforts.

The marketing and media industries are packed with interesting job options, and it might turn out you're perfect for a line of work you've never considered.

Take this quick quiz to find out where you might be a perfect fit:


Quiz: What's the Right Marketing or Media Job for You?


Today's marketing and media industries are overflowing with career options, but which one is your perfect fit? This Adweek quiz will help you find out.


You'd Make a Great Writer


You have a creative streak and a knack for expressing your ideas in writing. Your emails are beautifully lucid, your tweets are snappy and your options are practically boundless (unless you were looking to make big bucks right out of college). In today's market, marketing agencies and publishers alike are hungry for great writers like you.
Possible job titles:
Staff Writer
Content Creator
Content Specialist
Content Planner


You'd Make a Great Designer


You see the world through a creative lens—spotting beauty, connections and interesting ideas where others might not. And you love learning new ways to share that vision with your friends, followers and the world, be it by snapping photos, making videos or creating illustrations.
Possible job titles:
Art Director
Design Director
Motion Graphics Designer
User Experience (UX) Designer
Visual Effects Artist


You'd Make a Great Creative Director


You're that rarest of combinations: a creative spirit AND a leader. Whether you come into the role through a writing, strategy or design background, you're always looking for the bigger idea, one that transcends advertising or day-to-day content creation. And you love buying the first round of drinks after a killer project is live or a pitch is complete.
Possible job titles:
Creative Director
Creative Lead
Content Strategist
Creative Strategist
Chief Creative Officer
Creative Evangelist
Creative Innovation Director


You'd Make a Great PR / Social Strategist


Where others see noise and information overload, you see an ocean of opportunity that can only be sailed by the quick-witted, adaptive and insightful. Your comfort with social media and digital communication make you a hot commodity among marketers and publishers alike.
Possible job titles:
Social Specialist
Community Manager
Communications Specialist
Communications Director
PR Strategist
Social Strategist
Social Editor
Engagement Specialist
Event Planner
Viral Content Strategist
Influencer Marketing Specialist


You'd Make a Great Media Planner or Buyer


Billions of dollars are spent on advertising each year, and where that money goes is largely determined by media planners and buyers. Your natural ability to balance research with strong recommendations makes you an ideal pick for this vital industry. Creatives may not find it sexy, but you'll never be lacking in job opportunities.
Possible job titles:
Media Planner
Media Buyer
Media Assistant
Media Researcher
Media Coordinator
Media Analyst
Digital Media Planner


You'd Make a Great Account Manager


Clients: Can't live with 'em, can't let your co-workers bury them in an unmarked grave. Your talents as a results-oriented diplomat will make you perfect for the vital role of supervising an account, whether in the agency world or keeping a publisher's advertisers happy.
Possible job titles:
Account Coordinator
Account Supervisor
Account Manager
Account Lead
Client Relations Manager
Client Specialist


You'd Make a Great Analytics Specialist


Spreadsheets are like an extension of your soul. Numbers, data, charts: These are your true friends, while humans so often fail you. Your ability to measure, analyze and visualize will open countless career doors, and if marketing and media don't work out, almost any other industry would be happy to have you.
Possible job titles:
Analytics Lead
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Visualization Specialist
Reporting Analyst
Statistical Specialist
Director of Sales Analytics


You'd Make a Great Project Manager or Producer


Your talents for organization, collaboration and time management make you one of the most valuable resources any modern marketer or publisher could ask for. Project managers and producers use a mix of technology and diplomacy to keep complex projects running on time and on budget.
Possible job titles:
Project Manager
Project Supervisor
Video Producer
Digital Producer
Project Coordinator
Project Administrator
Production Specialist
Production Manger
PMO Specialist


You'd Make a Great Brand Strategist


You love finding out what people want and why. You have strong instincts for consumer behavior and business trends, and you're willing to back it up with research and observation. Brands and agencies alike will clamor for your skills, though it might take some time to work your way up the ranks, spending long hours writing briefs on deadline. All that effort will be rewarded with a long career rich in opportunities.
Possible job titles:
Brand Strategist
Research Specialist
Strategic Planner
Communications Planner
Consumer Intelligence Specialist


You'd Make a Great Entrepreneur


Why waste your best years toiling away for someone else's profit? Your ambition, drive and talent make you the perfect person to launch your own business, whether it's a tech-savvy startup, a niche agency or an innovative new publication. A few years of full-time work might help you learn what you need to know, but don't wait too long to follow your dream, or you'll risk getting stuck in the corporate rut.
Possible job titles:


You'd Be Great at Business Development or Sales


You can close a deal. Your talents for networking, negotiation and seizing opportunities to win new clients will make you a star on the sales or business development team of just about any organization in marketing and media. And they'll make you a good bit of money, too. You're part of a new breed of sales talent, one that relies more on conversation and candor than cheesy grins and big promises, and you'll never be lacking job opportunities.
Possible job titles:
Business Development Specialist
Business Development Officer
New Business Planner
New Business Director
Client Growth Officer
Sales Account Executive
Sales Manager


You’re happiest at work when you

Can write, uninterrupted, with distractions blocked out

Create something beautiful

Come up with a bold, ass-kicking new idea

Browse social apps to catch up on the world

Make a solid plan come together

Hear that your client is ecstatic

Bring order to chaos

Become an overnight expert in a complex topic

Close a deal

At a party, you can be found…

Befriending the bartender

Overthinking the host's music selections

Soaking in the ambience, possibly under an influence

Organizing a group plan for where to go next

Flirting effortlessly and incorrigibly

At the center of everything, because you're the host

Snapchatting your friends who didn't come

Scanning the bookshelves and magazine stacks

Asking a stranger about his or her life story

Which famous figure would you love to share a meal with?

David Foster Wallace

Frida Kahlo

Mark Zuckerberg

Anna Wintour

Oprah Winfrey

Warren Buffett

Abraham Lincoln

David Ogilvy

Elon Musk

You're stuck in a waiting room. What do you read?

Vanity Fair

The New York Times


Slack notifications



Your LinkedIn notifications



What's your ideal work attire?

Jeans and an old concert T-shirt

Thrift store chic

Something #ootd-worthy

Professional but not stuffy

Crisp, impeccable, maybe a bit intimidating

"Listen, Chairman Mao, I'll wear what I want to wear"

Dark colors, earth tones … whatever hides coffee stains

The best that Stitch Fix or Trunk Club have to offer

Like Olivia Pope and Raymond Reddington had a fashion baby

What's your spirit animal?










Your personal hell is…

A three-hour meeting with no food

Endless, icy rejection

Having to order off a Dollar Menu

Los Angeles


Public speaking. While naked.

A week without internet access

A group project where no one but you does anything

Filling out time sheets

Among your friends, you're known as…

The Responsible One

The Crazy One

The Sarcastic One

The Genius

The Charmer

The Brutally Honest One

The Stylish One

The Overthinker

The Mellow One

If you had to switch careers, you'd become…

A venture capitalist

A singer-songwriter

A cop

A computer scientist

A circus ringleader

A politician's chief adviser

A performance artist

A woodworker

A chef

What's the best perk an employer can offer?

Fresh-brewed gourmet coffee, 24/7

Bring your dog to work

Everyone gets a private office

Open bar after 4

401(k) with a 1-to-1 match

Unlimited maternity/paternity leave

Annual company getaway to Barbados

Work from home whenever you'd like

Kitchen with free dinner served nightly



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