Q&A: MeUndies Founder and CEO on Battling in the Jam-Packed Direct-to-Consumer Space

DTC brands 'need to find continuous ways to innovate,' said Jonathan Shokrian

Shokrian will take the stage as a speaker at Challenger Brands: A Brandweek Event, Feb. 6-7, in New York. MeUndies

Shopping for underwear at a department store is so old-school. Plus, it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. And for entrepreneur Jonathan Shokrian, it was an eye-opening moment that spurred him to launch MeUndies in 2011. With sub-par product in hand, for which he felt like he’d overpaid, Shokrian had the same epiphany that many disruptor brand creators do, saying to himself: There has to be a better way.

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