Publicis Wins St. Vincent

Merger Pays Off for Former EvansGroup Office
CHICAGO–Publicis, the Indianapolis agency formerly known as EvansGroup, won the estimated $3-5 million account of St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Services last week. After entering the review under the EvansGroup name, the shop’s recent transformation played a significant role in the win.
Publicis acquired EvansGroup earlier this month, one week before the latter’s Indianapolis office was due to make its final presentation to St. Vincent–which turned out to be its first new business pitch under the Publicis name, which it adopted.
Tom Hirschauer, the office’s president, said the rechristening of the agency yielded key dividends.
“What Publicis liked about EvansGroup was how completely we integrate the services we provide,” Hirschauer said. “What Publicis adds to that is even greater depth.”
Hirschauer called on Publicis Technology, the agency’s new media division–with offices in London and San Francisco–for help with the presentation. The group obliged, said Hirschauer, who reaped the added benefit of demonstrating the agency’s newly globalized capabilities.
Bates USA Midwest, an office of another global agency, also was a finalist, along with Indianapolis agencies Caldwell VanRiper, Young & Laramore and incumbent Pearson, Crahan, Fletcher, England.
“We could show we have more bench strength in a lot of areas,” said Hirschauer. “From a competitive standpoint, we could walk in there with Bates and negate whatever competitive edge they might have” with their global resources.
“What we got was a global player with a strong local presence,” said Emile Godfrey, director of corporate communications for the St. Vincent network, which encompasses seven hospitals in Indiana. “We knew EvansGroup already had strong creative, research and direct marketing capabilities. When the new media resources and global reach came to bear [through Publicis], that was an extra benefit.”