PTTOW Expands Marketing Roster for Annual Getaway

Plans party of random mayhem for top CMOs

The marketing world is a game of one-upmanship: Who can put on the better show and deliver the bigger surprise? So when your audience is leaders in marketing, how do you wow them? That’s where Roman Tsunder comes in with PTTOW!

The marketing event for marketers is one over-the-top stunt after another, and translated from comic book lingo, PTTOW! (pit-ow) basically means punch in the face. As an acronym it stands for Plan to Take On the World.

PTTOW! includes a number of top marketing leaders from major brands, media, advertising and technology companies. The main event of the year for the group is set for May in California, but it hosts a number of gatherings throughout the year. Most recently, PTTOW! held a private Cirque du Soleil performance in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Snapchat, the tech startup that made disappearing photos famous, was at the Las Vegas show that shut down Love Theatre, Tsunder said. Snapchat is exactly the kind of new company PTTOW! looks to bring in, boosting its image as a youth-focused organization.

“One commonality of everyone in the group is that they’re focused on this next-generation consumer,” Tsunder said. “We’re close to every company focused on this audience.”

In past years, the main California conference brought together companies like the music streaming service Spotify and headphones maker Skullcandy. The Dalai Lama attended last year. This year, Tsunder named a number of new members and attendees, including the CMOs of Intel, PepsiCo, YouTube, and the CEO of Lululemon, Laurent Potdevin.

If you’re new to the event, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • The companies at the event have combined marketing budgets of $48 billion.
  • You may train with the Navy Seals.
  • Hope you like helicopters, because Tsunder pairs random guests like the AT&T CMO and DJ Kaskade for in-flight meetings. Tsunder says sharing a helicopter with someone makes for a memorable experience.
  • There will be parachuting and cigar boat races.
  • You’ll be treated like a “head of state” with a personal “ambassador”—or valet—who will cater to you. If you like, say, herbal tea, PTTOW! knows it and will have some ready, Tsunder said.
  • of Black Eye Peas fame is a regular.
  • This is PTTOW!’s sixth annual conference and is set for May 7 to 9.


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