Christina Aguilera Urges Her 12.8 Million Followers to Feed the Children

Pregnant pop star passes the (Yum Brands) cup for hunger relief

Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera launched the annual Yum! World Hunger Relief effort this week by tweeting a request for $5 donations to her 12.8 million followers.

The pregnant international pop singer is the global spokesperson for fast food giant Yum! Brands' World Hunger Relief effort, “Pass The Red Cup.”  Aguilera has worked with Yum! Brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell since 2009 on their annual campaign to fight hunger.

Aguilera also serves as an "Ambassador Against Hunger" for the UN World Food Programme (WFP), along with the likes of actress Drew Barrymore and NFL quarterback Drew Brees.

"Very soon I'll be the mother of two children and I'm so grateful that I can provide for them, but there are millions of moms around the world who can’t feed their kids," Aguilera told ETOnline. "This red cup is the symbol of hope for kids who receive one meal a day from the world food program."