Pregnancy Test’s Clearblue Odyssey

NEW YORK Home pregnancy kit Clearblue Easy from Inverness Medical Innovations will be relaunched the day after Christmas with a national television spot, said Amalgamated, the agency responsible.

“On some level our competitors [such as EPT and First Response] are saying without saying that on some level that these things can only be discussed using lady-like euphemisms. Internally we were calling it the pregnancy test for the Sex and the City generation,” said Doug Cameron, founding partner and strategy director of Amalgamated in New York.

The spot opens on an extreme close-up of what appears to be a digitally re-created Clearblue Easy shot against a black background. The scene bears a passing resemblance to images in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The device separates like a cap being removed from a pen as a deep voiceover intones, “Introducing the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on.” A stream of liquid, presumably urine, then cascades down.

The client spends about $10 million annually on ads. While the focus will be on this particular spot, which premiered earlier this year in Europe, print ads in publications with demographics similar to Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Shape and Us Weekly are planned for the third quarter.

The humorous spot is a departure for this kind of advertising, which is more often known for oblique references and shots of women looking concerned.

“Our big goal is to turn [Clearblue Easy] into a cultural icon of the women’s reproductive health category,” said Cameron.