Poindexter Alters Name, Site-Side Services

NEW YORK Poindexter Systems said it would change its name to X+1 and expand its services to focus on site-side and media optimization.

The New York-based company will provide two offerings: Site+1, which helps improve Web site conversions, and Media+1, which targets Web ads. Site+1 works by tailoring offers to site visitors based on several factors, including where they arrived from, and demographic and psychographic data. Similarly, Media+1 uses the same types of data to target Web advertising.

X+1 said it has struck deals with a half-dozen ad networks to get a first pass at visitors, thanks to the company paying a high rate for the impressions, said Toby Gabriner, X+1’s CEO. If the X+1’s system recognizes the visitor through its cookie and has enough data to serve a highly targeted ad, it does; if not, it passes the impression back to the ad network.

X+1 is working with ad networks including Blue Lithium, ContextWeb and 24/7 Real Media.

Gabriner said the media optimization is particularly effective for clients like AOL, which also uses the site-side services, giving X+1 more data for targeting. “We get a pretty holistic view of the customer,” he said.

Gabriner joined Poindexter as CEO in November from Aegis Group’s Carat Fusion, where he was president. He said Media+1 would take on some characteristics of an agency, sometimes working directly with clients, but only when it comes to efficient customer acquisition programs, not strategic programs that are agencies’ specialty. It is working with Omnicom’s OMD Digital, Gabriner said.

“We’re not looking to create an environment of hostility,” he said. “We want to act like Switzerland.”