Pepsi goes to the max in Australia

SYDNEY–Pepsi-Cola Australia is bringing in its newest sugar-free product to spearhead its fight in the Australian cola wars–Pepsi Max. The company will back t….epsi Max will target mainly male consumers between 16 and 29 years old who want to drink diet cola but have not because, according to research, they consider its taste and image inferior to regular cola. Because of this, Pepsi marketing manager Michael McNulty said, there would be little cannibalization of the Diet Pepsi brand. “People in the market have already made their choice. It is for people who have rejected cola,” he said.The ad campaign, created by BBDO in the U.S. and adapted for the Australian market by Clemenger/Sydney, will not promote Pepsi Max as a diet product, but will capitalize on the word “maximum.” Use of the word by rival Coca-Cola South Pacific in its TV spots for Coke pushed forward Pepsi’s plans to unveil the new brand with an official launch date of Sept. 1.The Australian push is the first national launch of the product internationally, after strong tests in Scotland and the English midlands. The soda is now being launched throughout the U.K. Pepsi has chosen to launch the relatively untested Max rather than Crystal Pepsi in Australia this summer because, according to an inside source, Max has a better position for this market. “Just look at the sales of Tab Clear,” the insider said.Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)