Pepsi goes local in Spanish push; interactive spot urges movie-goers to drink Pepsi at concession stands

MADRID-Although there is general agreement that Pepsi, Sony and Tampax are global brands, the distinctly different conditions of the European markets have forced them to act locally. In Spain, for example, Pepsi is hardly stiff competition for Coca-Cola, which controls 80% of the market. This gap, however, provides Pepsi and its ad agency, Tiempo BBDO, with a maneuverabflity when designing the company’s promotional strategy, as illustrated in its new campaign.
As part of a joint project between Pepsi and a chain of movie- theater bars and concession stands, the client has introduced an interactive spot that has spawned the Spanish “new generation” slogan “Estas Loco? Bebe Pepsi!’ which translates to “Are you crazy? Drink Pepsi!” In the spot, a crowd of teens at a concert start shouting that they’re tired of waiting. The rowdy crowd yells a traditional Spanish chant to demand that the show begin, and entices the viewers in the theater to start chanting, too. Then words appear on the bottom of the screen, karaoke-style, telling viewers, ‘You still have 5 minutes to drink a Pepsi in our Crik-Crak bar,” the name of the local concession stands.
An unconventional spot like this might be unthinkable in other markets. Tiempo BBDO/Madrid general director Gernando Herrero emphasizes the peculiarities of the Spanish situation, and the differences between European and U.S. conditions. “Pepsi’s market share in Spain is growing, but (it’s) still far from Coke’s,” says Herrero. “What we do is exploit that difference. It permits us to do more unconventional ads to connect with younger consumers who go to the movies with their friends to see films like Jurassic Park or The Fugitive.”
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