‘Oprah Effect’ Boosts ‘Best Life’ Sales

Oprah Winfrey’s influence–sometimes referred to as the “Oprah Effect”–has propelled countless individuals, products and ideas into the public sphere.

That influence may even extend to her personal trainer, Bob Greene, whose “Best Life” program endorses consumer products that promote healthy living.

According to a recent Nielsen report, products featuring Greene’s “Best Life” seal of approval on their packaging easily outsold traditional food and beverage products.

In 2008, brands endorsed by “Best Life” generated a 9.2 percent dollar sales increase, year-over-year, while all food and beverage products increased by just 4.6 percent during the same time period.

During the most recent five-year period, “Best Life” brands also outperformed other brands.  Dollar sales of “Best Life” brands grew by 30 percent during the time period, while sales of all food and beverage products increased by just 13 percent.

is a unit of the Nielsen Co.

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