Online Video vs. TV Ads in Viewpoint Test

NEW YORK Viewpoint said it would evaluate the branding value of online video ads against television commercials.

The study, conducted by Dynamic Logic, will examine the effectiveness of three different Viewpoint Web video ad formats — in-page, transitional and over-the-page — in achieving campaign objectives, including purchases and click-throughs. DL also will examine the effect the Web video advertisements have on key branding metrics, including awareness, message association, favorability and purchase intent. Those metrics will be measured against comparable figures for TV commercials, gauging the value and efficiency of the different media.

The advertisers participating in the test are Pepsi, Hyundai, Microsoft Office and 20th Century Fox. The video ads will run on AOL, and DL will conduct the test via surveys served in Web pop-up windows on participating sites, from Feb. 18 through early April.

“We intend to share this with our customers and the public to raise the awareness of using video,” said Jay Amato, CEO of New York-based Viewpoint, which purchased video advertising company Unicast in December 2004.

Portals and Web publishers have all upped their online video offerings in an effort to lure online money spent by brand advertisers on TV commercials. Jupiter Research expects online video ad spending to rise 64 percent this year to $198 million.