Oakley’s Soaring, Action-Packed New Spot Shows How It’s the Eyewear for Any Obsession

AKQA Paris creates an adrenaline-fueled anthem for the brand

Pro and amateur athletes across air, sea and land are represented in Oakley's 'See It in Prizm' ad. Oakley
Headshot of David Griner

When you think of apparel brands that seem ubiquitous across multiple sports, activities and extreme hobbies, certain names might come to mind—your Nikes, Under Armours, etc. Now the iconic eyewear brand Oakley aims to cement its place in this pantheon of athletic preference.

Oakley’s epic new spot, “See It in Prizm” from AKQA Paris, features an impressively wide-ranging roster of athletes and passionate hobbyists who use the products for everything from protection to just looking damn cool.

While you’re likely to recognize a few of the more notable names in the spot—New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge or NFL quarterback and 2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes II, for example—you might find yourself more intrigued by the ones you don’t know.

“’See It in Prizm,’ the evolution of our One Obsession platform, is an incredibly powerful message,” says Ben
Goss, global marketing director at Oakley. “The passion of athletes–from professionals to the everyday amateurs–is what fuels our brand and product design. The campaign is built to harness that passion and celebrate how
Oakley is a part of inspiring and enabling people who relentlessly pursue their obsessions.”

The product innovation at the heart of the campaign is Oakley’s Prizm lens tech, which the brand says “fine-tunes individual colors to enhance details for an optimized viewing experience.” The result is said to be a view that’s more vivid than through traditional sunglasses.

Oakley also claims the Prizm lenses allow athletes and others to see details that would be missed with the naked eye, an aspect reflected in the ad.

That said, the brand’s new campaign is aiming to convey Prizm less as a tech than a lifestyle of passion and ambition.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Oakley campaign, alongside athletes that I’ve watched and admired for years,” NFL star Mahomes says in a statement about the launch. “Being able to share what sport and performance means to me is important and this gives me a platform to do so. Hopefully my story can inspire others to pursue their obsessions and achieve more than they thought possible.”

The campaign video was shot in six locations around the world. Here’s how the brand describes some of the talent featured in the spot:

• Aaron Judge: Outfielder and record-breaking hitter for the New York Yankees.
• Patrick Mahomes II: NFL star quarterback and 2018 MVP.
• Ryan Sheckler: Professional skateboarder, three-time X Games gold medal winner, TV star and
• Jan Frodeno: Triathlete, multiple world champion and Olympic gold medallist.
• Sage Erickson: Top 10 world surfer and former U.S. Open Champion.
• Valentino Rossi: ‘The Doctor’ is the world’s most successful motorcycle rider of all time, with seven
MotoGP World Championships.
• Julian Wilson: Current world No. 2 surfer and five-time World Surf League Tour Event winner.
• Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark: The original BMX Bandit and one of the most exciting dirt-riders to date.
• Jackson Goldstone: Considered the next generation of mountain bike riders.
• Mike Escamilia: Stuntman, skydiver, pro BMX rider, TV host and self-proclaimed “most interesting
dad in the world.”
• Matt Reyes: Fixed gear cyclist, trick-rider and member of MASH SF cycle crew.

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."