This Is Not an Urban Home Sweet Home TV Story

Square One takes an irreverent approach to promote Urban Home’s furniture.

In one 30-second spot from the Dallas shop, a sofa flattens an elderly wom-an. “Urban Home. When couches inadvertently fall out of trucks and crush old ladies, we pass the savings on to you,” says a voiceover, followed by a “Scratch and Dent Sale” super.

In another commercial, a spokesman says, “We make our furniture from quality hardwoods raised in nature.” After asking, “Where do some of our competitors get the wood for their furniture?” the ad cuts to a porn movie set, where men carry off the wooden scenery when the filming wraps. The narrator returns to say, “Urban Home. We get our wood straight from nature, not from dismantled porno sets.”

The spots evolved from print work the shop has created for the local client. In one print ad, a cow is pictured on the left, a meat grinder in the middle and a leather couch on the right. Copy states, “Lovingly crafted from the finest materials.”

Agency art director Jay Russell said the spots, which break locally Dec. 24 on Home & Garden Television, needed to grab attention quickly. “We don’t have a huge budget, so we wanted to get a lot of talk for not a ton of frequency,” Russell said.

Director John Adams and Area 51 in Los Angeles, his former production house, donated over $500,000 in value to the project. “I thought it was extremely original work for the category,” said Adams, who now works at Form, also in Los Angeles. “And I thought it was wonderfully brave of the client to allow the agency to do that kind of work and put it on the air.”