Nortel Refocuses On Mass Market

Nortel veers from its 3-year-old, trade-focused ad strategy with a $10-15 million campaign that breaks this week in The Wall Street Journal.

The effort, from Interpublic Group’s Temerlin McClain in Irving, Texas, revolves around going beyond possibilities. One ad features a city below a limitless sky and reads, “The answer is hiding. Find it. The opportunity is escaping. Tackle it. The future is arriving. Own it.”

A second ad showing a desolate shoreline asks, “How do you ask for directions when you’re going someplace no one’s ever been before?”

The work will also run in The New York Times and Business Week, as well as some trade publications.

The client, hit by the poor economy, spent $6 million on ads last year, down 84 percent from 2001, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

Bruce Horner, director of global branding and advertising, said the titles chosen are the “most visible media platform” to revive the brand.

John Gonsalves, vp of Boston consultancy Adventis, said the approach makes sense because Nortel’s spending cut has eroded its brand: “If you were to ask where did they lose more [awareness], I would say it was a lot more [in the] mass market.”