N.J. Lottery Is in Play

NEW YORK The New Jersey Lottery’s two-year, $10 million advertising contract is up for grabs, the client confirmed.

The assignment involves television, radio and print advertising, as well as outdoor and Internet duties for the lottery’s Mega-Millions, Pick 6, Pick 4, Pick 3 and scratch-off games. A decision is expected by June 1.

A campaign by incumbent GraficaGroup in Chester, N.J., has included TV spots starring Ray Charles, Danny Aiello and the Amazing Kreskin. One 30-second spot took a “newsy approach” to tout the lottery’s switch from the Big Game to Mega-Millions last year. The commercial opens with Ray Charles singing, “There’s something big coming from the New Jersey Lottery.” A reporter then cuts in with a “Special Mega-Alert,” informing viewers that “it’s Mega-madness throughout New Jersey. Prepare yourself. Mega-jackpots are hitting now.” The spot ends with the tagline, “Mega-millionaires wanted.”

The agency also crafted the print campaign featuring the New Jersey Lottery’s current tagline, “For every dream, there’s a jackpot,” said a GraficaGroup representative.

GraficaGroup won the two-year contract in 1999 and received three one-year extensions. The agency plans to defend the account, the rep said.