Nissan ‘Shifts’ Perspective

LOS ANGELES TBWA\Chiat\Day this week unveils the next phase of its “Shift” campaign for Nissan.

The advertising “continues the dialogue that we started with consumers in 2002, when we first introduced ‘Shift,’ ” said Rob Schwartz, executive creative director at the Playa del Rey, Calif., shop.

Taking a cue from the software industry, the work relies heavily on the designation “2.0.” For example, titles such as “Excitement 2.0” and “Passion 2.0” zoom into view in a branding spot that shows accelerated drives through tunnels, urban landscapes and lush countryside. A voiceover promises, “Five new vehicles. All have our best ideas in them. The next generation of Nissan thinking for the next generation of Nissan driving.”

Schwartz noted there is “inordinate activity from the brand” this year, with Nissan planning five launches, starting with Quest this week, and expanding to the Maxima, Versa, Sentra and Altima nameplates in coming months.

A 30-second spot for the Quest minivan emphasizes the panoramic views available through the windows and roof; the Who’s “Magic Bus” plays on the soundtrack.

“We reached the point where the minivan has had so much stigma for so long, we said, ‘It’s okay to fall in love with the minivan.’ ” said Schwartz.

” ‘Shift’ has been a very successful campaign for us, as well as a challenge for new or better ways to go to market,” said Michelle Erwin, senior manager of marketing communications at Nissan North America in Gardena, Calif.

The client spent $870 million on U.S. ads last year and nearly $200 million in the first quarter of 2006.