Nissan Goes Mobile with iPhone Branded Game

In-game advertising firm Double Fusion has made its first foray into the exploding iPhone gaming segment with the launch of Party Roundup, a branded game created specifically for Nissan.

The new game, which is free to download for iPhone users, is tied to Nissan’s current ad campaign for the Nissan Cube, a smaller car which the company cheekily refers to as a “mobile device.”

Double Fusion tapped the development studio Coresoft to produce Party Roundup, which allows users to create their own custom version of the Cube and virtually drive it via their iPhones through various 3D environments. A multiplayer version of the game also enables players to compete against their iPhone-owning friends; a Facebook version is also in the works, said officials.

The entrée into the iPhone space marks the latest effort by Double Fusion to expand its list offerings for advertiser beyond its core in-game advertising expertise. The San Francisco, Calif.-based company was founded as one of the few companies to offer advertisers “dynamic” in-game ads—i.e digital ads which are delivered during live game play within Web-connected PC or console games.

However, in recent years the company has expanded its purview by selling ads within online casual games (such as through its Yahoo Games partnership), brokering in-game product placement deals, and even helping to monetize older video games via a proprietary platform called fusion.runtime.

The strategy, according to Double Fusion president CEO Jonathan Epstein, is to provide brands with access to the entire gaming spectrum. “The iPhone is an extremely powerful gaming platform and we are excited to have worked with Nissan to provide auto enthusiasts with an innovative mobile gaming experience,” he said. “Our first involvement with a game exclusively for the iPhone, reinforces our dedication to providing unparalleled reach and the ability to target any and all desired gaming audiences.”

Nielsen Business Media