Nine Very Olympic Ads for the 2012 London Games


Fuel Up

McDonalds classifies the masses into nursery rhyme archetypes. Real athletes eat Big Macs. Agency: Leo Burnett London. 


Make Some Noise

Morgan Freeman gets melodramatic about the power of your voice, for global sponsor Visa. Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles


Crowds. The Anti-Drug

GlaxoSmithKline offers up its own theory on the effects of the crowd. Agency: TBWA\London


Party Worldwide

David Beckham kicks off a Global Olympic Samsung Breakdancing Event. Agency: Cheil Worldwide.


Sweet Feeling

For Coca-Cola, DJ-producer Mark Ronson and singer-songwriter Katy B present a sugar-rush anthem featuring samples of athletes training for the games. Agency: Mother London.


Ready, Set, Go

Watch-maker Omega springs for a Don-Was-remixed version of "Start Me Up." Agency: Unknown.


Musical Cars

Nine members of the London Philharmonic horn section play "God Save the Queen" on behalf of German automaker Mini. Agency: WCRS.


Too Soon?

BP—a.k.a. British Petroleum—its public image still mired in the Deepwater Horizon spill, is catching some flak online for proudly supporting the U.S. Team. Agency: Ogilvy


Mothers Dear

The frontrunner among sappy spots—top sponsor Procter & Gamble's undeniably compelling homage to moms. After all, they do buy a lot of paper towel and laundry detergent. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

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