Nick Jonas, in His Super Bowl Ad Debut, Aims to Raise Awareness of Dexcom’s Diabetes Tech

The star, who uses the product, highlights how glucose monitoring has evolved beyond pricking fingers

Nick Jonas, who has Type 1 diabetes, stars in an ad about managing glucose levels.

Nick Jonas is no stranger to acting, having begun his career on Broadway at age 7 and recently appearing in films like Midway and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

This Sunday, he will appear on one of the world’s largest stages: a Super Bowl ad that will be seen by more than 100 million people.

Best known as a member of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is also one of the globe’s most high-profile personalities with Type 1 diabetes, which played a central role in his decision to star in an ad for the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service.

As a user of the device, Jonas explains in the ad how—despite advances in most aspects of consumer technology—millions of people with diabetes still prick their fingers to monitor their glucose levels. The Dexcom G6, which Jonas relies on daily, uses a small sensor with a hair-thin wire under the skin to track glucose levels in real time and stream the data to a smartphone app.

In an exclusive conversation with Adweek, Jonas said the spot stems not only from his longstanding role as a Dexcom endorser but also his desire to help others with diabetes manage the disease more easily.

“I try to be transparent because I feel like I’ve got a really special opportunity to be a recognizable face for both young people and older people who live with this disease and show that it is possible to live a normal life,” he said. “Being able to just pull my phone out—which I look at more than I probably should anyway—and just right there have my numbers, my readings, where I’m headed, where I’m trending—it’s an incredible tool.”

Jonas said the product has been especially valuable since his 2018 marriage to Priyanka Chopra, who often travels for her work as a global entertainer.

“A big life change for me was getting married and having a partner I share everything with, and that includes sharing my Dexcom numbers,” he said. “She’s in London right now working on a project there, so to be able to be thousands of miles away but still have that reassurance in the middle of the night that I’m not going to drop low is a good thing for her and me.”

Given the percentage of Americans with diabetes, Dexcom estimates its ad’s message could reach more than 1 million potential users of its G6 product, which was approved by the FDA in 2019. The company’s next product evolution, the G7, is expected to debut later this year.

“We’re certainly in this interesting time and space, and this provided a platform where we have a great asset, an amazing product and a great steward of the technology in the diabetes community in Nick,” said Chad Patterson, svp of global marketing for Dexcom. “We thought it was the time and place to bring this awareness and advocacy to the masses.”

The ad was created by Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas.

Jonas isn’t the only Dexcom customer who appears in the Super Bowl ad. The man shown in the self-driving car and the woman with LED-enhanced eyelashes are Dexcom G6 users Ric Peralta and Breana Raquel.

In addition to the spot, Dexcom will also be launching an AR filter featuring Jonas, creating the illusion that he’s watching the Super Bowl alongside fans.

Jonas said the process of filming the AR filter footage reminded him of his experience on CGI-heavy projects like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, occasionally “feeling quite silly”—but that he enjoyed the end result.

“Anytime I can find a way to connect with my fans and beyond in this virtual world we now have to live in, I’m excited by it,” he said. “It’s just a way to connect with people while they’re at home watching the Big Game.”


Agency: Marcus Thomas

Chief Creative Officer: Jamie Venorsky Exec CD: Jim Sollisch Writer: Jim Sollisch AD: Laura Seidel  Agency Producers: Jerrod McMillin and Jena Lesar  Production Company: Yard Dog  Director: Timothy Kendall Director of Photography: Sam Chase Executive Producers: Beth Pearson and Joe Piccirillo Producer: Peter Sprouse Editorial Company: Beast Editor: Tim Brooks

Visual Effects Company: Method Studios Music & Sound Design Company: Squeak E. Clean Studios

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