New Research Confirms Online Effectiveness

SAN FRANCISCO — The body of research confirming the power of online advertising continues to expand. A new study from Millward Brown IntelliQuest and CNET Networks has found that Interactive Messaging Units (IMUs) are increasingly becoming more effective at brand building and attracting online audience attention.

“The results of the study prove that people weren’t just engaged [with online units] because they were brand new,” noted Barry Briggs, president of media at San Francisco-based CNET Networks. “There is a critical mass online now across the board and we are still seeing positive metrics.”

The study follows an initial wave of research Millward Brown IntelliQuest and CNET Networks conducted in July 2001 following the introduction of IMUs on CNET’s and ZDNet News sites.

The new results show that IMU advertising messages are noticed more than in the past. More than 48 percent of users remembered having seen the ad, up from 42 percent in July 2001. Users described the IMUs as highly engaging, selecting words such as “interesting,” (45 percent) and “intriguing” (35 percent) to describe them.

The study also found that brand communication within IMUs has increased. Users who were exposed to a particular unit on CNET Networks, and then asked later about the specific ad campaigns, had a recognition increase of 150 percent over the usual online advertising campaign awareness scores measured by Millward Brown IntelliQuest.

Alan Burgis, president of San Francisco-based i-shop Exile on 7th said the second study confirmed “what we already know to be true — there is no other advertising medium that gets the same rate of return for clients.”