New JDK Print Touts SilverStar

boston—Jager Di Paola Kemp has launched a print effort for Osram Sylvania’s SilverStar halogen automotive lights.

One execution features a Subaru with sparkling headlights. A close-up in the corner of the ad reveals photographs of two lights—one is a standard halogen unit next to a much brighter SilverStar.

“SilverStar—the brightest, 100 percent street-legal halogen on the road—burning with a white-hot intensity that sets you and your ride apart from the pack,” reads the copy. Additional text notes that drivers can upgrade to SilverStar and save $10.

“We tried to capture the audience’s attention with the visual focus on the popular Subaru WRX, which we shot in a way to entice and excite,” said Steve Farrar, the shop’s senior design director. “The overall goal is to build target-audience awareness of the product … while communicating the stylish and hip nature of the brand.”

JDK in Burlington, Vt., has worked with the client for more than a decade. Osram Sylvania is owned by Siemens; its North American headquarters are in Danvers, Mass.

“Drive the brightest light” serves as the positioning line. The execution broke in AutoWeek and will run in Motor Trend, Super Street, Import Tuner, Sport Compact Car, Honda Tuning and Car and Driver through January. Spending was not disclosed.

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