New Domino’s Campaign Brings Back Old 30-Minute Delivery Guarantee

ANN ARBOR, MICH. – Domino’s guaranteed 30-minute delivery campaign is making a comeback along with a new animated character for the str….In a new campaign launched by its agency Grey Advertising/N.Y., Domino’s is once again playing up its 30-minute delivery gurantee after downplaying it from ads during the past couple of years after safety groups charged the chain was risking the lives of drivers.Fast food observers contend that the 30-minute guarantee is the heart of Domino’s success, especially because of the chain’s limited menu. Pizza Hut has taken advantage of Domino’s diminished 30-minute campaign and made serious inroads into Domino’s delivery territory.The change back to the old strategy is part of a bigger campaign that offers consumers something free whenever they order a pizza. The strategy uses the tagline ‘There’s always Somethin’ for Nothin’ at Domino’s.’ In January, Domino’s will offer new menu items twisty bread and garden salads for free with certain pizza orders.Domino’s new aggressive stance is the brainchild of new vp/marketing Larry Sheehan. The former Little Caesars executive replaced Mike Raymond earlier this fall. Under Raymond, Domino’s advertising came under fire from franchisees. Sheehan, however, says he is committed to the agency.’When I first met with Grey I told them, ‘I have not seen one single thing that I like or has helped sales,’ ‘ Sheehan said. ‘I said to them, ‘I need to know why I should keep you on.’ The first four to six weeks the agency had a hard time adapting to the energy level I wanted. But they brought over some more creative talent, and that’s when things turned around. Since that point, they’ve been outstanding.’Domino’s is hoping its new animated character Donny Domino will gain instant recognition, unlike its disappointing Noid in 1989.Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)