Motorola Chimes In on MTV

NEW YORK DJ Felix da Housecat stars in a Motorola ad breaking in the U.S. during the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. The commercial, created by Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles, is part of a three-spot global campaign featuring the new Motorola C350 phone and its mixable ring tones.

In the 30-second ad, the DJ is seen in a bar as his phone starts ringing a customized tune. He hops into his van humming the tune, setting off a series of people humming the same ring tone, from a tollbooth attendant, to another person driving a car, to a boy sitting outside. The tagline: “Intelligence everywhere.” A voiceover stating “Hello Moto” refers to the Web site where ring tones, all designed by DJs, are available at Motorola customers can download ring tones and then mix them to their specifications on their phone.

Two other spots in the campaign, which broke last week in the U.S., feature city lights pulsing to the beat of DJ Paul Van Dyke’s cell phone ring tone, and DJ Colette in a parking garage, where cars start bouncing up and down when her phone begins ringing.

Simon Mainwaring, creative director and copywriter on the campaign, said creatives on the account considered more than 100 DJs for the ads before agreeing on the three they chose. The three DJs featured in the ads were selected because they each appealed to different segments of dance music fans on a global level.

“Felix is popular in North America, Paul Van Dyke is hugely popular in Asia and DJ Colette is popular throughout Europe and with the female audience,” Mainwaring said.

None of the DJs is identified in the ads.

“That was a conscious decision,” Mainwaring said. “We wanted to speak to the audience who would know who they are by their music or the way looked.”

Philip Squier was art director on the campaign, which was directed by Nick Gordon of Academy Films in London. The three spots, filmed on location in Australia, broke in May in Russia and have since begun airing in Europe and Latin America. The U.S. premiere is timed to the stateside introduction of the Motorola C350 phone.

Motorola is one of the sponsors of the MTV Video Music Awards. Other sponsors include Revlon, Pringles, Taco Bell and Pepsi, which will break Pepsi Vanilla work during the show’s telecast.