Moroch Bows Harvest Selects by Mrs Baird’s

DALLAS Moroch Leo Burnett USA broke a campaign yesterday that introduces Mrs Baird’s Bakeries new Harvest Selects bread line.

In the 30-second television spot, a man says to his boss, “They did it” as he leads him through a door that reads “Research and Development.” Inside two older women are huddling over three loaves of breads. The elder man inspects the products and says, “It’s got lots of grains like a variety bread,” and the younger man adds, “But it’s soft like a white bread.” His boss replies, “This will change everything.” The spot then cuts to a close-up of the breads as a voiceover says, “Introducing Harvest Selects. A delicious new variety of soft, hand-twisted grain breads with all the wholesome goodness you’d expect from Mrs Baird’s.”

The Dallas shop’s spot shifts back to the employees as the boss says, “And you said it couldn’t be done” to the younger man. At this the women look offended. The ad closes with the voiceover saying, “New Harvest Selects. The greatest thing to happen to bread since Mrs Baird’s.”

The spot and a 10-second version are running in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio on cable stations and will be complemented by radio, billboard and in-store displays. The campaign is also running in El Paso, Texas, though it does not have a television component.

Harvest Selects is a line that consists of the new varieties Honey Nut N’ Oat, Golden Wheatberry and Wholesome Multi Grain. An existing product, Honey 7 Grain Recipe, will also join the Harvest Selects line.

Fort Worth, Texas-based Mrs Baird’s, a subsidiary of Bimbo Bakeries USA, spent $3 million on media last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Moroch was awarded media duties for Mrs Baird’s in August after Asher Media of Dallas resigned the business.