More James Bond, Please

Americans aren’t sick of James Bond yet, judging from a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted just prior to the release last week of the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Respondents were asked whether film makers should keep cranking out Bond movies or whether the idea is “worn out.” A plurality, 45 percent, said they’d be happy to have more, vs. 32 percent saying enough is enough. The rest were unsure. Men were more keen than women (53 percent vs. 38 percent) on seeing the series continue.

Of course, welcoming a new Bond movie and going to see it are two different things. Seventeen percent said they’re “very likely” to go see Quantum of Solace, with another 16 percent saying they’re “somewhat likely” to do so. Men were twice as likely as women to put themselves in the “very likely” category. Asked how many of the 22 Bond films they’ve seen, 18 percent of respondents said “all of them,” and another 27 percent said “most of them.” Just 12 percent said they haven’t seen a single one.

No poll of this sort is complete without a question that asks people to pick “the best James Bond.” Sean Connery won the most votes, predictably, but fell short of a majority, at 49 percent. Roger Moore was the runner-up, but barely edged Pierce Brosnan (14 percent vs. 11 percent). The current Bond, Daniel Craig, was picked by just 4 percent of respondents, but that was enough to put him ahead of perennial unfavorite George Lazenby, at 2 percent. Who exactly are these Lazenby partisans? Further research is called for.