Wants to Save You From Your Dead-End Job in This Bold Relaunch Campaign

KBS led creative for the job site

The Mill created the ad’s 100 percent CGI creature.
YouTube: Monster

Call it “The Attack of the 50-Foot Recruiter.” is back after a few years in hibernation—and it’s bigger, hairier and more purple than ever before.

The job listings site isn’t quite as prominent as was in the early ’00s, given the rise of LinkedIn and a plethora of newer job search sites that value quantity over quality. But a big new brand campaign led by creative agency of record KBS and effects shop The Mill hopes to reintroduce viewers to a company that is both more powerful and a bit cuddlier than the dot com establishment they thought they knew.

Like so many of us who work for a living, this spot’s protagonist was stuck in a drab, dead-end job. She wanted more but didn’t quite expect the uproar that followed.

The work supports’s new brand platform, “Find Better,” and KBS global chief creative officer Patrick Scissons called it “a reinvention, both figuratively and literally.”

“One of the things this brand recognizes is that the human aspect of the job search has been lost,” Scissons added. “The spot in a way was/is emblematic of the search process; at first it’s scary … but as you rise through it you get more comfortable and confident … until you ultimately land that job you’ve always wanted. [Monster] is leaning into the human value of working, looking for a new job and making sure you’re doing something meaningful.”

Our employee in distress personifies the challenge faced by workers across a wide range of industries, and Monster looks to gain market share by appealing to more of those affected by changes in our shared economy. “They’re not necessarily just going after the white collar market a la LinkedIn,” Scissons said, noting that the service looks to surpass its volume-focused peers by helping users find better positions in sectors (like retail, travel and hospitality) that employ millions of Americans but often don’t appear on “professional networking” platforms.

“Monster is committed to bringing opportunity and humanity to the often challenging and lonely job search process,” said the company’s svp of marketing Matt Resteghini. “We understand that people are forced to settle too often, and we are determined to use our platform to help everyone find better.”

On the creative side, The Mill created the ad’s “photo-real,” 100 percent CGI creature by building a full muscular system beneath the fur in order to better convey the monster’s mass, mixing live action shots with fully computer-generated environments while painstakingly rendering the movement of individual wrinkles, pores and hairs in keeping with his environment.

Scissons also noted the human-like elements that convey “a balance of the brawn with the tenderness” to make the monster more sympathetic. They include moments when he, like so many other city folk before him, has difficulty negotiating a fire escape and a train line.

The anthem ad was directed by MJZ’s Matthijs Van Heijningen, winner of nine Gold Lions and one Grand Prix; it will run across TV, digital, cinema and social channels. The larger assignment also includes a series of creative activations elaborating on the same theme of identifying a party in need of a better gig.’s new brand platform is “Find Better.”

Some of the work, like this out-of-home ad and the social content above, also specifically addressed the challenges that women and minorities still face in the workplace.

The work also addresses the challenges that women and minorities still face in the workplace.

KBS New York picked up’s business in 2015 after the client and its former agency of record, BBDO, parted ways.


Agency: KBS New York
Campaign: “Opportunity Roars”

Global Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons
Executive Creative Director: Michele Kunken
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Mike Abell
Creative Director/ Art Director: Kevin Gentile
Head of Production: Jenny Read
Executive Producer: Karen McKibben
Assistant Producer: Isabelle Vrod
Head of Business Leadership: Jon Schwartz
Business Director: Elizabeth Asselin