Monday Miscellany

* Despite the recession, just 20 percent of the pet owners surveyed said they have reduced their expenditures on supplies for their pets. Sixty-eight percent agreed that they treat their pets as well as they treat their human children. (WSL Strategic Retail)

* Among respondents intending to take a vacation trip this summer, 80 percent said they’ll use the Internet to help plan it. Among those with income of $100,000-plus, 88 percent said so. (Burst Media)

* Forty-eight percent of respondents said gas prices will be very important to them when they decide on the next vehicle they buy; another 32 percent said this will be somewhat important. (Rasmussen Reports)

* While more than three-quarters of respondents said “they’d like to see more healthy items on the menu” when they dine out, barely half said they usually order those foods. Price is a factor in this, as 54 percent said “eating healthy at restaurants is more expensive than not eating healthy.” (Mintel)

* Among people who recently attended a wedding, the median cost of doing so (including gifts, travel, lodging, clothing, etc.) was about $200. (Associated Press/