Monday Miscellany

* Among teens who intend to have jobs this summer, the main reason (cited by 42 percent) is to earn “pocket money.” Twenty-three percent want money for college; 12 percent are in it for the “work experience.” (Junior Achievement/Opinion Research Corp.)

* U.S. households received 372.4 million credit-card offers during the first quarter of this year, down 67 percent from the same period in 2008. (Synovate)

* If the mainstreaming of organic foods has stalled due to the recession, at least the market hasn’t shrunk: 62.3 percent of respondents buy organics at least occasionally, on a par with the 61.5 percent saying so a year earlier. (BIGresearch)

* Thirty-five percent of working adults haven’t taken a vacation this year and don’t plan to do so. Of these, 71 percent said they can’t afford it. But “close to one in five workers indicate that they are either afraid of losing their jobs if they go on vacation or feel guilty being away from the office.” (