Monday Miscellany

* Women generally eat more fruits and vegetables than men do, especially carrots, tomatoes, berries and apples. But men are more likely than women to eat asparagus and brussels sprouts. Men are more likely than women to eat meats, especially duck, veal and ham. As for “risky foods” — i.e., those with an above-average propensity to cause illnesses — men are more likely to eat undercooked hamburgers and runny eggs. Women are more likely to live on the edge by eating alfalfa sprouts. (Foodborne Disease Active Surveillance Network/American Society for Microbiology)

* Forty-eight percent of adults believe gas prices will have a major impact on their summer-vacation plans, and another 30 percent said they’ll have a minor impact. (Rasmussen Reports)

* Two-thirds of men believe their IQ is above average, vs. half of women. (Yankelovich Monitor Minute)

* Asked to identify the most important personal relationship in their life, one-third of adults cited their whole nuclear family, while 22 percent picked their spouse and 17 percent their children. Three percent cited their parents. (The Barna Group)

* Eight percent of adults fear they’ll be forced into bankruptcy in the next six months. Nineteen percent are concerned that someone in their household will lose a job during that period. (Opinion Research Corp.)

* While consumer confidence is feeble in the U.S. these days, it’s robust among young adults in China. Seventy-four percent of 18-34-year-olds in China said they’re confident or very confident about their country’s economy, while just 33 percent of 18-34s in the U.S. said the same. (BIGresearch)

* How much do the people you choose as friends reflect on you and your values? Thirty-nine percent of adults said “a lot,” 30 percent “some, but not a lot,” 15 percent “not much” and 13 percent “not at all,” with the rest declining to answer. (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics)