Monday Miscellany

* Among those who follow a company, brand or association on Facebook, the most-cited reason for doing so (by 40 percent) is “to receive discounts and promotions,” followed by “to show my support for the company to others” (37 percent). Twenty-nine percent do it “for fun or entertainment.” (ExactTarget)

* Thirty percent of a survey’s respondents said they spent less on alcohol/cigarettes during the recession. (Pew Research Center)

* Among 18-24-year-olds, the top choice for a Halloween costume this year is “Jersey Shore cast member,” with “Lady Gaga” as runner-up. (Brand Keys)

* Sixty-six percent agreed that “Most people who want to get ahead can make it if they’re willing to work hard”; 32 percent endorsed the alternative statement, “Hard work and determination are no guarantee of success for most people.” (Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University)

* Twenty-four percent of U.S. consumers reported owning a Web-enabled smartphone. (Ipsos OTX MediaCT)

* Thirty-two percent of workers need coffee to get them through the workday. Thirty-seven percent drink at least two cups before calling it a day. (CareerBuilder/Dunkin’ Donuts)

* In a survey of individual investors, 61 percent said they made no changes in their holdings during the past 12 months. (CNBC/AP Investor Poll)

* Asked to identify factors that prolong the economy’s struggles, 53 percent agreed “strongly” and 23 percent “some-what” with the statement, “Corporations are too focused on making the maximum amount of profit and so have held off hiring back workers or expanding hiring.” (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)

* Consumers spent 5 percent less on entertainment last year than in 2008, and 3 percent less on food away from home. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)