Monday Miscellany

* Twenty-four percent of women surveyed said they shop online on a weekly basis. Forty-seven percent reported shopping online at least once within the past 90 days. (WSL Strategic Retail)

* Polling in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Britain found 86 percent of respondents saying they are sports fans, including 24 percent who are “avid.” Soccer was cited as the favorite spectator sport in all five countries. The NBA and NFL are the American sports leagues generating the most interest there. (TNS/ESPN)

* Sixty-eight percent think the Internet generally makes people “smarter,” while 23 percent think it makes people “dumber” and the rest aren’t sure. (Marist Poll)

* Seventy percent have a favorable and 17 percent an unfavorable opinion of the U.S. Postal Service, with the rest unsure. Fifty-eight percent favor ending Saturday mail delivery as a way to cut the USPS’s budget deficit. (Rasmussen Reports)

* Asked to say which is most important to them — “looking attractive,” “feeling healthy” or “being happy” — 57 percent chose “happy,” vs. 31 percent “healthy” and the rest “attractive.” (

* Twenty-seven percent of U.S. adults did volunteer work through or for an organization between September 2008 and September 2009. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

* Thirty-eight percent do online research before buying electronics items at a store. Double-digit percentages also do such research before going to a store to buy apparel (20 percent), appliances (20 percent), shoes (18 percent) or medicines/vitamins (15 percent). (BIGresearch)