Monday Miscellany

* Among those who view TV programs online, 43 percent watch news shows. Comedies/dramas are viewed by 35 percent, reality shows by 19 percent and sports by 18 percent. (TNS)

* Fifty-nine percent of respondents say they eat the foods they like “regardless of calories.” (Mintel)

* Households with children age 12 and under account for 45 percent of video-game sales; 57 percent of kids age 2 to 12 play video games. (The NPD Group)

* Forty-six percent of respondents think the federal government should regulate executive pay at financial institutions. (CBS News)

* Among workers age 51 and older, 57 percent think they’ll still be toiling past age 65, up from 47 percent saying so in 2008. (University of Michigan Institute for Social Research)