Modernista! ‘Lifts Bar’ for Rossignol

BOSTON–Modernista’s first campaign for client Rossignol, the U.S. division of the French ski products company, is set to break in national skiing and lifestyle magazines.

The campaign from the Boston agency is tagged “Lift the bar.”

One ad reads, “Introducing the soft boot from Rossignol. Your feet will kiss your ass.” Partial copy on another ad about the powerpulsion system reads, “Want to be that guy no one can catch? Try our new powerpulsion system … So you can maintain velocity during long radius turns, which is important if your goal is to make everyone eat your dust.” Behind the copy on each ad is the figure of a skier.

Modernista! in the last two weeks has also unveiled its first work for General Motors’ Hummer vehicle tagged “Hummer Like nothing else” and a fall campaign for the Gap using the line “My first love.”