MillerCoors Unveils Low-Calorie Beer Portfolio

When the deal to form MillerCoors is officially sealed during a New York ceremony next Monday, the joint venture between SABMiller and MolsonCoors will have as many as six low-calorie brews competing with the leading beer brand Bud Light.

The low-calorie beer portfolio includes Miller Lite, Coors Light, Miller High Life Light, Keystone Light, MGD 64 and Miller Chill. The combined shipments of those brands last year were slightly less than the 42 million barrels of Bud Light shipped in the same period, per Beer Marketer’s Insights, West Nyack, N.Y.

Miller Brewing informed its wholesaler network last week that MGD 64 will be distributed nationally beginning this fall. The 64-calorie brew was tested first in Madison, Wis., last August and expanded into Midwest markets in April. It will replace Miller Genuine Draft Light.

“MGD 64 has demonstrated broad-based growth, eliciting a strong response from consumers and retailers,” Tom Long, president and CEO of Miller Brewing, said in a memo to distributors. “Both men and women have responded to the product’s drinkability, refreshment and low-calorie advantage. Conversion from trial to repeat purchase has been higher than expected