Michigan Shop Coins New Name

Forget “going for the gold.” The executives at TraverRohrback prefer Copper.

On Feb. 1, the Kalamazoo, Mich., agency will adopt the new name Copper. Dean Gemmell, cre a tive di rector at the agency, said he can take either “credit or blame” for the new name.

“Copper is a good conductor of energy, and that’s what we want to be for the brands we represent,” Gemmell said. As the agency strives to widen its image, the new name has better opportunities for the agency to “package itself,” he said.

The newly named agency is set to open an office in Indianapolis, in part to serve client Community Hospitals Indianapolis, but also to go after new business in that market, Gemmell said.

The impetus for the name change came when Gemmell and two other principals at the agency purchased found er Bill Traver’s shares and took over leadership several months ago. Jim Rohr back continues as managing par tner, but said he is not offended by the name change. Rohrback, in fact, said he never liked the original name. Also, Copper is easier to spell than a bunch of names.

Other clients of the agency, which claims $26 million in billings, include M-Care, Kalamazoo Brewing Co., Borgess Health Alliance and the Georgia Pain Clinic as well business-to-business clients including DePoy, Accident Fund Co. and Bridgestone commercial tires. AFP / FABIAN GREDILLAS