Messy Puppies Took Over a Giant Couch in Central Park for Scotch-Brite’s Adorable Activation

They're #worththemess, new campaign says

Who knew testing lint rollers could be so adorable? Dianna McDougall
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Even the cutest and fluffiest of pups can shed all over your home and your clothes, leading some pup parents to create dog-free zones in their homes. Per a survey from 3M brand Scotch-Brite, 53 percent of pet owners have areas where their pets can’t go as 24 percent said pets can’t go on their bed, while 22 percent keep them off the couch.

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Dianna McDougall

“We thought that just feels wrong because as a pet parent anything should go. They’re a member of your family,” Mindy Murray, brand communications manager at 3M, said.

In honor of National Pet Month Scotch-Brite is promoting its lint rollers in the cutest, most cuddly way possible. This week the brand hosted an event in Central Park and invited some of the most elite Instagram famous dogs to attend as part of the brand’s #WorthTheMess campaign.

Four of your favorite fluff ball influencers (including @toastmeetsworld, @goldens_glee, @louboutinanyc and @brussels.sprout) scratched and sniff on the brand’s massive “cuddle couch,” shedding and slobbering as they pleased. The brand was on hand with its lint rollers to showcase how the product can keep couches and beds clean.

“We wanted to break down those barriers and help people understand how to do that and we believe the lint roller is a perfect tool to do that,” Murray added.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.