Meet the Team That Brought the Bud Light-Game of Thrones Super Bowl Crossover Ad to Life

'Made sense in a way nothing else really did'

Of the more than 50 national spots that aired during the Super Bowl, one stands out for its creativity, ingenuity and all-around shock value. The bewildering Bud Light and Game of Thrones crossover ad shocked fans during the second quarter of Super Bowl LIII and left viewers wondering how two brands and two agencies could pull something like that off, without a hint of the jolt that was to come. We went in search of answers and sat down with HBO’s agency Droga 5, including group creative director Andrew Fergusson and executive producer Liliana Vega; Bud Light’s agency Wieden + Kennedy and creative directors John Parker and Brandon Henderson; Bud Light’s senior director of marketing Alissa Heinerscheid; and Zach Enterlin, evp of program marketing for HBO.