Martique Leaves Downsized Y&R

Scott Martique, who was headed for Florida after the WPP Group acquired Young & Rubicam this spring, has resigned from Y&R.
Martique, general manager of Y&R here, said he was assigned to a new regional office opening in Orlando, Fla. That is where Y&R’s flagship Southeast Lincoln-Mercury account will be serviced.
Y&R in Atlanta, with 20 staffers, will be relegated to a field office and managed from Orlando.
Martique, a 20-year ad veteran, is opening The Martique Group in Atlanta. The consulting firm will devise promotions and marketing strategies for media companies Martique said have been slow to comprehend the changing dynamics of the advertising business.
“They need to become more relevant,” said Martique. “Newspapers, cable and broadcast companies need to understand as much as they can about their clients and their lifestyles. Otherwise, the advertising agencies will pass them right by.”
Martique said the commission-driven media budget is no longer a critical profit center for agencies. Direct marketing, public relations and the Internet are siphoning off revenue from traditional media companies.
“I know there’s money out there,” said Martique, “and I know how to get it. The first step is
stop selling media like it was still 1970.”