Martin Continues ‘Race the Truck’ Series for UPS

Dale Jarrett still won’t race the brown truck.

The high-profile Nascar driver is back in three new UPS television spots by The Martin Agency.

The commercials, which feature fans cajoling Jarrett to drive a UPS van, are the Richmond, Va., shop’s latest take on the popular “Race the truck” campaign. The ads began running earlier this year.

“The positive feedback we’ve received from both veteran race fans as well as newcomers to the sport has fueled this campaign’s enthusiasm,” said Rosemary Windsor, vice president of event sponsorship for the Atlanta-based package delivery service.

The 30-second TV spots, which break in July and August, are tied to Nascar races in Chicago, Loudon, N.H., and Indianapolis. (On the pro circuit, Jarrett drives the No. 88 UPS Ford Taurus.)

“Nascar sponsors don’t always take full advantage of their sponsorships,” said Cliff Sorah, an associate creative director at Martin. “You’ll see a one-off commercial here and there, but no one has done a comprehensive campaign. We’re trying to leverage the millions of dollars UPS is pumping into Nascar.”

Not surprisingly, the ads, shot in a Charlotte, N.C., shopping mall, take advantage of Nascar’s rural fan base. In “Waiting,” the deadpan Jarrett is confronted by a freckle-faced urchin who threatens to hold his breath until the driver agrees to drive a UPS van in a race.

In “Fountain,” Jarrett gets caught up in a coin-tossing argument with a good ol’ boy who “wishes” he would race the brown truck. “Food Court” pits Jarrett against his father, the retired Nascar driver Ned Jarrett.

Martin copywriters Raymond McKinney and Joe Lawson worked on the spots with senior art director Ty Harper.