Marketing to Millennial Parents: Digital Natives Are All Grown Up and Disrupting the Parenthood Economy

Adweek’s guide to reaching modern moms and dads

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Hours after I gave birth at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the nurses wheeled my baby boy and a stash of Pampers Swaddlers diapers into my room. Later, when nursing didn’t go perfectly, they stocked me with Enfamil formula and Medela pump parts. And on my way out, they slipped me a white, velvet satchel full of Chanel perfume and makeup. Even in the delirium of new parenthood, I could see clearly: brands wanted to reach me.
A year later, I’m still buying those products and have never tried their competitors. They worked when I needed them, and that inspired serious loyalty (with the exception of Chanel—a new mom’s lifestyle doesn’t call for No. 5 too often).
The birth of a parent marks a rare opportunity for marketers to capture new customers and keep them for life. That’s why Adweek is publishing its first special report on marketing to millennial parents this week, full of stories about what modern families want and how savvy brands are winning them over.

The birth of a parent marks a rare opportunity for marketers to capture new customers and keep them for life.

Why millennials, specifically? They turn 20-36 this year, which means it’s time to stop thinking of them as underemployed, selfie-obsessed kids whiling away the day in their parents’ basements. Eighty percent of babies born this year will call a millennial “mom” or “dad,” and the U.S. already has more than 10.8 million millennial households with children.
As digital natives grow up, they are inevitably disrupting the parenthood economy. Here’s a look at exactly how, and what it means for marketers.
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